Ammer Wallet
Secure mobile wallet for your crypto and NFTs. Works with Ammer Card and enables NFC payments in the Ammer Pay network.
Scan QR by phone camera and download the app
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the QR code
Multiple blockchains
Ammer Wallet supports various assets and protocols, including Ammer Chain. You can easily select your chains and coins at the main screen.
4/6 active
Main Chains
Securely store and view your NFTs in your Ammer Wallet
NFT support
Play games and earn coins in your Wallet!
Games right
in your wallet
Our security
Truly yours
Ammer Wallet is a non-custodial crypto wallet. Your private keys never leave your device, transfered over the Internet or stored in the cloud.
Access protection
Access to your Wallet and assets
is guaranteed by a 6-digit PIN, fingerprint, or face recognition – depending on your device.
Ammer Wallet uses the secure cryptoprocessor of your device called ‘trusted platform module’ to protect your keys from the unauthorized access.
Connect Ammer Wallet with your Telegram account to send to and receive crypto from your contacts.
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With Ammer Wallet, you can buy anything directly in Telegram and pay in crypto — fast and easy
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